ContentHub is a repository of over 50 standards and regulations. It also contains risk and threat libraries as well as templates for policies and questionnaires. ContentHub is designed to save time and make it easy for businesses to quickly get started with multiple compliance programs.  It works seamlessly with GRCHub but can also be independently used through a web interface, Microsoft Office or through integrating it with your favorite GRC or compliance application.

Primary Features

50+ Standards &

Over 50+ standards and regulations with a complete set of controls. These controls are mapped to one or more frameworks, evidence tasks, risks, threats, questions, and templates and therefore offer invaluable correlation for customers.


Hundreds of standard risks that should be part of any standard information security program. It is an invaluable tool for risk analysts to conduct risk assessments, keep Risk Register up-to-date and proactively manage risks.


Hundreds of standard threats that should be part of any standard information security program. It is an invaluable tool along with the risk library for threat analysts to conduct threat assessments, keep Threat Register up-to-date and ultimately manage risks properly.


Creating policies based on best practices that are relevant for your organization is no simple task. Policy templates in ContentHub are based on best practices and within the context of a specific industry or industries and the size of a company.


Sending questionnaires and follow-up questionnaires to third parties is an important aspect of running a robust third-party risk management program. ContentHub contains a standard list of questionnaire templates based on best practices and the type of a third party.

Seamless Integration
with GRCHub

ContentHub seamlessly integrates with our GRC solution called GRCHub. Customers don’t have to do any plumbing to make both the solutions work together.


While ContentHub seamlessly works with GRCHub, it’s a standalone solution, nevertheless. Therefore, if you are just looking for a library of frameworks and templates then ContentHub is still a perfect solution.


ContentHub is AI-driven, and AI plays an important role in self-improving the content as well as building the correlations as new framework versions are added to the library.

API and Microsoft
Office Support

You can integrate ContentHub with any other application, even a third-party GRC solution by using the ContentHub APIs. You can also work with frameworks and templates using Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Word.