At CyberRidge Software, we offer comprehensive VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) services designed to fortify your organization’s security posture. From identifying and remediating OS and network vulnerabilities to prioritizing the mitigation of common web application weaknesses outlined by OWASP, our expert team provides meticulous assessments using automated tools and real-world simulation techniques. Our services cover a wide range of security concerns, including web and mobile application testing, social engineering assessments, and cloud security evaluations. Through Red Team Exercises, we deliver actionable insights to enhance your detection and response capabilities, ensuring your organization stays resilient against evolving cyber threats.

Service Offerings

Assessment (VA)

We identify and categorize vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications. We scan for vulnerabilities using automated tools and then prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity and potential impact.

Testing (PT)

We simulate real-world attacks to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to systems or data to test the effectiveness of security controls and defenses. Our PT reports provide insights into potential attack vectors and vulnerabilities that may not be detected by automated tools.