Our Story

At CyberRidge Software, we use AI, automation, and proven best practices to build and provide innovative and practical GRC and cybersecurity solutions that help modern businesses to manage IT security risks, third-party risks, and compliance and at the same time gain strategic advantage.

CyberRidge Software is a Bangalore-based company and a subsidiary of Ejyle.

Why Choose Us

AI & Automation

AI plays a significant role in our solutions for predicting risks, monitoring compliance, improving identity verification, automating access control, and facilitating continuous improvement. These AI and automation aspects of our platform help in enhancing efficiency, increasing accuracy, improving security, and saving time, resources, and money.


Simplicity is the bedrock of our platform and the solutions we propose to our customers. We believe complexity kills productivity and wastes precious resources. The mission of our company is to simplify GRC and cybersecurity operations. We do this by focusing on simple workflows and processes. We invest heavily in simple designs and user interfaces that require minimal training. We ensure deployment and maintenance of our platform is easy and smooth and doesn’t require an IT team to be on their toes.

Single-Package Solution

With CyberRidge Software, we can provide a single-package solution to our customers from a full-fledged GRC solution to an up-to-date framework library, integrators, identity management solution, GRC consulting and cybersecurity services. This helps customers to avoid fragmentation, expedite implementation and save resources.


GRCHub is an AI-riven platform that provides all the functionalities that are required to manage a proper GRC program. It has features like enterprise catalog management, corporate & regulatory compliance management, risk management, third party risk management, business resiliency, dashboards, reports, etc.

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ContentHub is a repository solution that contains a comprehensive set of information related to dozens of standards and regulations. Though it seamlessly works with GRCHub, it can also be independently used through a web interface, Microsoft Office, or APIs.  If you require a solid compliance solution but aren’t ready for a full-GRC product like GRCHub then ContentHub is for you.

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IdentityHub is a cross-platform identity management solution that you can integrate with any of your applications within an hour. It supports single-sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), multi-tenancy, and much more. It has its own custom identity database but can also be integrated with any other third-party identity providers like Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Account, Google, and so on.

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We will be at GISEC 2024 from April 23 – 25 to demonstrate our GRC solution.

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