Our Story

Companies face an ever-increasing number of regulations, risks, and compliance challenges. We believe traditional methods and concepts around governance, risk, and compliance are no longer practical. Excel-driven GRC processes or GRC processes driven by bloated and expensive GRC solutions are not viable for modern businesses of any size.

In recent times and especially since 2019, widespread adoption of remote work has rapidly accelerated digital transformation with implications for IT security, data security, privacy and compliance. Moreover, disruptions in supply chain have highlighted the need for GRC’s critical role in third-party risk assessments, business continuity, and diversification of supply chain.

Governments and regulatory bodies have responded decisively with new regulations and compliance requirements that need to be addressed by a solid GRC program to avoid hefty fines and loss of business.

At CyberRidge Software, we use AI, automation, and proven best practices to build and provide innovative and practical GRC and cybersecurity solutions that help modern businesses to manage IT security risks, third-party risks, and compliance and at the same time gain strategic advantage.

CyberRidge Software is a Bangalore-based company and a subsidiary of Ejyle.

Our Mission

Help businesses to gain strategic advantage while complying with security and regulatory requirements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make GRC and cybersecurity universally simple, practical, and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Take charge of your risk and compliance management today